High Energy Bills

When Your Energy Bills Are Through the Roof

Stay comfortable, save money and help save the environment—a win–win–win!

If it seems like your energy bills keep going up, there might be a big reason for it: your roof. Your roof can reach 175 degrees on a hot summer day, and that can send your HVAC system into overdrive.

When a roof is causing high energy bills, it’s typically a good choice to replace the roof entirely with an energy-efficient “cool roof,” which utilizes better materials in light colors to reflect sunlight and absorb less heat.

High air conditioning bills can also result from improper ventilation. When your attic traps hot air, your air conditioning will work harder and harder to cool the home, resulting in energy bill spikes. Additionally, it might never get cold enough in your home for you to be comfortable.

But what about in the winter when your home trapping hot air is a good thing?

Well, we all know that heat rises. In the winter, as your electric or gas furnace pumps heat throughout your home, much of that heat will rise to the top floor and/or attic of your home. If your roof has improper insulation or some form of damage, that heat continues on rising—right out of the house.

Your thermostat, which of course has no idea that you have roof problems, will keep having the furnace warm the house, effectively throwing your money away.

Stay comfortable. Save money. Fix your roof today.

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