Why is my roof leaking?

If your roof is leaking, you know you’ve got a problem. 

The only thing is, some roof leaks don’t present the way you might expect them to, with a hole in the ceiling and water dripping out. You might notice minor condensation on your ceiling or walls, which can also be evidence of a leak.

You may also notice water in your attic or moisture at ceiling joints or corners. A bulge in drywall or bubbling paint are more signs that you’re dealing with a leak.

When water enters a weak point in your roof, it will slowly drip down the rafters into your attic. Here, gravity really does its job as the water moves throughout your home. Typically, it will stop at some point on the ceiling and collect there as more water flows through the home.

Over time and throughout other storms, the rain will follow the path it has already created, until one day the water starts dripping through.

Whether you’ve noticed subtle signs of a roof leak or you’ve had to break out the buckets, give us a call. Our rapid response team can come to you in times of emergency to stop roof leaks in their tracks.

Stop a roof leak before it gets worse and save your house.

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