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Wood Rot

How to Spot Wood Rot on Your Roof

Wood rot is not so hot.

If your roof has poor insulation, you’re likely going to be dealing with several problems, one of which could be wood rot.

If your roof can’t dry out, it’ll quickly become the perfect space for wood rot to grow. Rotten wood can be a structural hazard, as the rot can deteriorate the roof decking, shingles, support posts, and ceiling joists or rafters in the attic.

There are three types of rot: dry rot (also known as brown rot), white rot, and soft rot. Each are caused by the combination of fungi and moisture on damp wood and they all thrive between 65 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit, making homes in hot, humid areas easy targets for rot to grow.

You may be dealing with one of the following signs that could point to wood rot:

  • Sagging roof, which can mean rot has taken over supportive beams
  • Discoloration on the roof or fascia board
  • Any wood on the roof that appears soft and spongy or brittle and crumbly
  • A damp, musty smell around your roof

Wood rot is a major safety hazard that can be extremely costly to eradicate if it spreads further. Call a professional roofer at the first sign of wood rot on your roof to keep your home and family safe.

Keep your home safe from rot.

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