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Roofing Basics Part 2: Our Roofing Services

In part one of this blog series we discussed the dangers of a leaking roof. Today, we will talk about our range of roofing services that can help prevent such dangers. Tittle Brothers Construction can help you with roof replacement, roof repair, and roof maintenance....

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Roofing Basics Part 1: The Dangers Of a Leaky Roof

As the leading roofing company in our local area, Tittle Brothers Construction believes in making sure that our customers make well-informed decisions regarding their home improvement projects. That’s why in this two-part blog series, we will discuss important things...

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Roofing 101 Part 1: Signs It’s Time to Re-Roof

A new roof is a major expense, so it’s imperative to assess your current one’s condition first before making a purchase. For the first part of this special blog, Tittle Brothers Construction talks about the biggest red flags that signal the need for re-roofing: Loose...

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Roof Maintenance: Importance of Regular Inspection

Strong Warranties: A Must For Any Roofing System

As the area’s most reputable roofing contractor, Tittle Brothers Construction has installed, repaired, and replaced a good number of roofing systems over the years. This can be a costly endeavor, so we recommend protecting your investment with strong warranties....

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