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Roofs play a big role in every home. Without a well-maintained roof, homes will be susceptible to damage. Many homeowners, however, are concerned that there are too many roofs to choose from these days. You might even be asking yourself how to pick the right one.


If you are, don’t worry. Your local roofers will be happy to help you choose. Be sure to look for these three main features when choosing a Canton roofing replacement:



Roofs are meant to protect homes, so make sure you pick something that withstands heavy rainfall and strong winds. Do your homework and check for the most resilient roof materials. You should also consider the material’s resistance to fire and other elements. If you want the kind of roof that lasts for a long period, consider the quality of the material and the reputation of the brand. At Tittle Brothers Construction, we install roof products from one of the leading brands in the country, GAF.


Energy Efficiency

Another feature to look for in a roof replacement is energy efficiency. You need something that gives you comfort and peace of mind. An energy-efficient roof offers exactly that and more. Today, energy-efficient roofs are the answer to climate change and the rising costs of energy. Many homeowners tend to use their HVAC system more during summer or winter. With energy-efficient roofs, this won’t be the case, so expect a more comfortable home and bigger energy savings.


Curb Appeal

Lastly, look for the kind of roof that complements your home design well. This will save you on exterior remodeling costs, among others. If you need some roofing ideas, GAF has an excellent array of asphalt shingle selections. Their Three-Tab (3-Tab) Shingles, Timberline® Lifetime Shingles, Designer Lifetime Shingles, and TruSlate™ are available in various colors. You’ll surely find something to match your existing exterior look. Our GAF roofing systems protect homes and enhance their overall value.


Tittle Brothers Construction is your local Canton roofing contractor that is equipped and trained to work with all types of homes. Our roofing systems from GAF are perfect examples of quality and integrity. We offer durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful roofs that will make your home standout in your neighborhood.


Hopefully, these three features will guide you to choosing the best roofing material for your home. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at (877) 228-5658. We will be happy to answer your questions and recommend the best roof products.