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Why Is It Important For Contractor To Have License & Insurance?

Homeowners can protect themselves by asking the company to see their licensce and insurance before signing a contract. A contractor should their license and insurance. Consider a few reasons.


Licensed contractors are experienced and knowledgeable about the proper training and legal processes needed to complete your project. For example,  they are trained to understand and meet all requirements set by municipalities  and federal government. They will schedule inspections to make sure your home meets quality requirement and passes all safety examinations. Additionally, licensed contractors carefully plan out the home improvement project before starting the job.  Also, they will ensure there is a signed legal contract between the two of you. Finally, a licensed contractors will take responsibility if something goes wrong. Should a licensed contractor ignore a critical mistake, that can result in the loss of their license.



Hiring a contractor with general liability and workers compensation insurance is a must. Unfortunately, the homeowner could he held responsible for any injury or damage your contractor causes if the contractor does not have insurance. Be proactive before hiring any contractor to work on your home. For instance, you should ask for a certificate that proves insurance coverage (both liability and workers’ compensation) from any Michigan home improvement contractor you consider.

Tittle Brothers Construction Is Licensed & Insured

Tittle Brothers Construction is fully licensed by the State of Michigan (MI Contractor License #2102178862). In addition, we carry both Worker’s Compensation coverage and up to $2 million in liability coverage. This coverage is to protect your home during construction.

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License & Insurance