Do You Know What it Costs to Paint Your Home?

If your home’s exterior is fading, peeling, cracked and in need of rejuvenation, you can go through the process of scraping and painting again or you can choose to wrap your home in attractive, no-maintenance vinyl or fiber cement siding from Tittle Brothers Construction.

Is siding worth the investment? Is painting your home once again the best option? You decide, based on the comparison below.

Real estate and construction experts agree that your home’s exterior should be painted at least every 7 years, and more often in a harsh climate like Michigan’s. Look how quickly the costs can add up:

# of Years 3-Bedroom Home 4-Bedroom Home 4-Bedroom Home w/Deck
Now $9,800-$12,600 $11,500-$14,800 $12,500-$15,800
7 $12,000-$15,050 $13,730-$17,675 $14,925-$18,865
14 $14,325-$17,970 $16,395-$21,100 $12,500-$15,800
21 $17,100-$21,450 $19,575-$25,195 $21,285-$26,895
Total $53,225-$67,070 $61,200-$78,770 $66,535-$84,085
*Assuming a modest 3% inflation rate.

Can you afford to spend more than $50,000 just to keep your home’s exterior looking good? Durable, low-maintenance siding is an excellent investment that can actually save you money while eliminating the time you need to spend caring for your exterior.

When it comes to siding the exterior of their homes, homeowners turn to the experts at Tittle Brothers Construction for the highest quality materials and best service.

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