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It’s fall! Do you want a better home in time for the new season? When the temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to go all over the place, there are projects that are perfect for the season. Tittle Brothers Construction has a few great recommendations to deal with the changing conditions you’re about to face.



1. Leaf Relief®

Leaves can choke up your gutters — an essential part of your Canton roofing system—this fall. While there isn’t going to be much rain this season, this accumulation can cause major problems down the line.  With a gutter protection system, you can be sure only water enters your gutter. Leaves and other debris simply gets pushed off and away. A great bonus here is that the Leaf Relief effectively renders your gutters invisible from ground level, making things look streamlined.

2. Vinyl Siding

Apart from leaves clogging up the gutters, another major change brought about by the fall, is colder temperatures. You could opt for increasing temperatures on your HVAC—which will shoot your bills up—or you could go for vinyl siding. Not only is this option durable and hardy; it also is highly energy-efficient. This means that heat is kept inside your home during the cold winter months—leaving you comfortable and with less reliance on artificial heating.

3. Warming Windows

Your siding and your roofing in Canton are not enough to ensure a warm home. It helps to have energy-efficient windows to support them. Our window options at Tittle Brothers Construction are designed to help better regulate your home’s temperatures. When working in conjunction with your home’s siding, this will assure you that no heat is lost when you need it most and that you save money off your energy bills.


When it comes to investments for your home this fall, you can count on Tittle Brothers Construction to help you find the perfect solutions to your home’s needs. We have a wide range of services and options that beautify as they enhance functionality. Start a conversation with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the options most suited for you.