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New roofs are not immune to failure. When you got recently got your roofing system replaced but made bad choices, your new roof might develop damage faster than you expect.

New Roof Fail Early

Here are some reasons your brand-new roofing system might not work:

You Hired an Inexperienced Roofer

Subpar workmanship is one of the most common causes of roof failure. Even if you buy the most durable product on the market, it wouldn’t last as advertised when its unique installation requirements weren’t met. Some roofers don’t have enough experience to carry out correct re-roofing jobs while others intentionally cut corners to trim costs. For instance, using caulk as a flashing sealant doesn’t guarantee long-term performance.

If you recently had a new Owens Corning roof installed, we can perform a complete inspection to spot shortcomings your previous roofer may have made. As one of the region’s Owens Corning Preferred Platinum roofing contractors, expect Tittle Brothers Construction to identify red flags and deal with them early.

You Didn’t Buy Adequate Attic Ventilation

If you don’t know the value of attic ventilation in roof health, you probably didn’t equip your new roof with premium vents. Poor ventilation would make your attic overheat in summer, causing your shingles to get cooked from the inside and forming condensation in the wood decking. In winter, it would promote ice damming, which would wreak havoc with your roof and the rest of your home in many ways.

Checking attic vents is one of the priorities of our roof inspections. If we find any inadequacy, we’ll recommend the best course of action to take to prevent your new roofing system from failing quickly.

You Skimped on Materials

Refusing to buy a complete roofing system for the sake of keeping your expenses is low could haunt down the road. Since a roof is more than just shingles, foregoing key accessories could accelerate failure.

Also, choosing three-tab shingles over architectural ones would increase the need of a replacement. Even if your products are made of a reputable brand, architectural asphalt shingles generally have a longer service life over their old-fashioned three-tab counterparts.

Let Tittle Brothers Construction help you ensure your new roof in Troy, MI, would last for as long as possible. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 to schedule a professional roof inspection and get a free estimate for necessary repairs.