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While they are indeed a necessity because of their functional benefits, windows also offer homes much in terms of aesthetics. No matter where you place them, they can add color and much-needed vibrancy.

2017 Window Trends

Being one of the most reputable window repair companies in the area, Tittle Brothers Construction takes a look at some of the top window trends of the year and how you can incorporate them into your own home.

Light It Up

Most trends come and go, but a few rare ones always stay in style. Natural lighting is one of those. From large picture windows to uniquely-shaped specialty ones, windows that allow an abundance of natural lighting in are always welcome because of their exuberance and energy efficiency.

Gas It Up

Now more than ever, homeowners are conscious about boosting energy performance. There are indeed many ways to go about this, but the use of double- and triple-paned windows is one of the most popular ways. By making use of either krypton or argon to fill the space in between the glass, you can better insulate your home.

Treat It

While there is nothing wrong with the minimalistic approach, homeowners want to dress up their windows with a touch of treatment. From thick drapes to stylish blinds, homeowners have the option to go for heavy treatment to simple accents of color, fabric, and texture.

Window trends serve to point the way to new innovations in design and overall aesthetic appeal. It’s good to pay attention to them. However, always keep the existing architectural design of your home in mind. Some trends may work, some may not. Consult your home improvement contractor for the best options.

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