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Every homeowner wants to maintain the beauty of his or her home. Whether it’s installing new furniture in your room or applying a fresh coat of painting on the walls, a beautiful home increases your interior comfort. One factor that plays a huge role in improving the beauty and comfort of your home is your windows.


If your windows in Detroit are already old and drafty, consider replacing them with a more efficient set. Nonetheless, remember that not all beautifully designed windows may complement your home. For this reason, Tittle Brothers Construction shares three guidelines in choosing the right replacement windows.

  1. The front doesn’t have to dictate your choice for other sides of your home – As the front of your home mostly reflects your personal style, it needs to have a pleasing appearance. It’s important, however, to include a touch of variation in your treatment. Just because a particular window style complements your home’s façade doesn’t mean you need to maintain the same pattern on all sides of your home. As long as the windows complement your architectural style, you don’t need to worry about exploring other options.
  2. Always prioritize comfort – When looking for new windows, some homeowners tend to focus more on the aesthetics than on comfort. Be sure to choose a window that won’t just look good on the outside, but will also improve your comfort levels on the inside. Most homeowners think that they can fully retain the comfort they lost by investing in window repair in Detroit, MI. Though repairs can certainly improve the condition of your home, replacements offer better results. For one, they can maintain and even boost your interior comfort.
  3. Practice creativity – When it comes to improving your home, it’s fine to let loose. You’re not required to choose the same window style over again just because it is expected from your home design.

Choosing new windows can be a difficult task. That’s why you should only work with the experts, like Tittle Brothers Construction. We offer a range of window styles that can improve your home’s curb appeal, comfort, and energy efficiency. Our experts can help determine the right windows for your home by carefully observing your home style, location, and climate. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 to schedule a FREE in-home estimate on our replacement windows.