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When your existing windows are already old and failing, you should consider going for a lasting solution. Window replacement can boost your curb appeal. Most importantly, this project can help you keep a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.


Instead of investing in window repair in Detroit, MI, turn to Tittle Brothers Construction, your provider of high-end replacement windows. We offer only the best from the leading brands, including Renewal by Andersen®. With their design and construction, your new windows can let you enjoy increase energy savings.

Here are their four components that make this possible:

1. Framing Material—Exclusive Fibrex® material makes up our Renewal by Andersen windows. This composite features the strength and insulating properties of wood with the low maintenance value of vinyl. It doesn’t crack, pit, or corrode. In addition, this material doesn’t change shape when exposed to extreme weather and temperature.

Fibrex also keeps an airtight seal that prevents significant energy loss. This means costly heating or cooling energy remains inside your home. In fact, these Detroit replacement windows are so efficient that they meet the stringent energy performance rating set by ENERGY STAR.

2. Glass Technology—Our Renewal by Andersen windows also come with advanced glass packages. These include their High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which helps reduce heat transfer inside your home. This keeps your interior thermally comfortable while protecting it from sun damage. Since the advanced glass lowers your reliance on your cooling system, you can enjoy reduced energy costs. Our glass packages are available in double-pane options. When you choose Tittle Brothers Construction for your new windows in Detroit, significant heating or cooling costs will be the least of your worries.

3. Double Glazing—Our windows from Renewal by Andersen have dual panes. This brand optimizes the width of space between the two panes of glass for exceptional thermal performance.

4. Spacer—This component separates the glass of your replacement windows, acting as a moisture barrier against water and vapor. Our Renewal by Andersen windows use low-conductivity stainless steel spacers. This is far stronger than the aluminum options of other manufacturers. It uses less material and keeps the window glass stable.

Having the right replacement windows will make all the difference to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. When in need of them, turn to Tittle Brothers Construction. With our Renewal by Andersen windows and expert installers, we’ll maximize your home’s quality of life. Call us at (877) 228-5658 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.