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Extensive damage to your current windows requires instant action. After all, your units play a large role in maintaining your home’s look and comfort. While window repair in Ann Arbor can be effective, you should consider a longer-lasting solution—custom window replacement.

Custom Windows

Tittle Brothers Construction, your trusted home improvement company, shares why custom windows are an ideal choice.

1. Perfect Fit. Stock windows are usually available in standard sizes that might not be large enough to fit your home’s opening. You’ll need to fill the resulting gap with molding or sheetrock. Then you’ll need to patch and paint the whole thing to blend better with your home’s décor. You won’t have to do this taxing process when you invest in custom windows. Since they are manufactured according to precise measurements, they will fit your home’s opening perfectly. This results in a more expansive view of the Michigan outdoors.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency. With your custom windows in Ann Arbor, MI, fitting exactly into the window opening, there’s less potential for air leakages. Air infiltration around gaps along window frames can compromise your home’s thermal stability. This also causes heating and cooling energy to escape your home. For this reason, be sure to invest in replacement windows from Tittle Brothers Construction to prevent significant energy loss.

We carry high-quality window selections from the leading manufacturers, including Renewal by Andersen®, Pella®, and Simonton®. They come with Low-E, double or triple-pane glass, insulated frames, and special weather stripping that reduce heat transfer. These windows also use durable framing material to provide years of reliable protection and service.

3. Worry-Free Installation. Custom windows in Ann Arbor are easier to install since they require less work and materials to “right-size” the windows into the opening. This also lets you save more time and money.

4. Easier Customization. Matching your windows to your exterior and interior décor is stress-free with custom windows. They offer greater flexibility in design, ensuring a more enhanced look for your home. Our Renewal by Andersen windows, for example, are available in a wide range of styles and shapes. You’ll also have access to a number of color combinations, hardware finishes, and grille patterns. These options make it easy for you to style your windows according to your home’s architecture and color scheme.

Maximize your home’s looks and energy efficiency by investing in custom windows from Tittle Brothers Construction. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 or fill out this form to get a free estimate.