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Roof performance varies among the different systems, but the factors affecting them are pretty much the same. Understanding these elements is the best way to get the most from your roof and make an informed decision.


With that in mind, let Tittle Brothers Construction, the Ann Arbor roofing expert, discuss four of these factors for your consideration:

1. Weather

The sun, winds, rains, snow, and ice will have a say in the overall performance of any roofing system. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause roofing materials to deteriorate over time. Strong winds and heavy rainfall, on the other hand, can remove entire shingle sections, create leaks, and lead to extensive water damage.

As your trusted contractors, we will work with you to select the ideal roof than can stand up to the prevalent weather in your area.

2. Roof Ventilation System

This reduces heat and moisture buildup in the attic, which in turn protects your roofing in Ann Arbor, against ice dams, icicles, and general wear and tear. Proper ventilation can also prevent rot, mold, and mildew growth.

3. Installation Quality

Poor installation is one of the top causes of roof failure. It doesn’t matter how durable and superior the material is; it’s not going to function properly if it’s not installed properly. Tittle Brothers Construction is a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor; you can trust us to do it right for your home.

4. Maintenance

A well-maintained roof will perform better and enjoy a longer service life. That’s why we offer tailored maintenance programs to ensure that your roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, will be able to do its job properly for many years to come. We also have a “rapid response” team ready to go in the event that your roof suffers damage.

Let us work with you to get the most from your roofing system today. Call us at (877) 228-5658 to get started with a free estimate on your project needs. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.