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Your windows can offer you many benefits. It only makes sense that you take care of these. Nonetheless, there will be a time when you will need to replace these once these become too old.




Tittle Brothers Construction discusses these four reasons to replace your windows:


1. To Prevent Draft


Old windows tend to be drafty. These let cold air enter your home, causing discomfort. When you work with us, we will fill the gaps between the frame of your home and new windows with insulated foam, which will prevent draft. Our Birmingham windows also come with gas-filled glass that helps prevent cold air from entering your home, making it cozier.


2. To Prevent Moisture


Moisture tends to condense in the windowpanes of old windows. These can lead to rotting and mold growth, which can cause more problems. We offer windows that come with frames that do not rot, warp, or corrode. These also come with insulated glass that can reduce water spots when exposed to sunlight. These will keep moisture from filling your windows, giving you a clearer view of the outdoors, while keeping your home healthy.


3. To Lessen your Energy Bills


Apart from discomfort, old windows can cause you to overwork your HVAC units, which can drive up your energy bills. Our replacement windows in Birmingham can help lessen your reliance on your HVAC systems for more energy savings. These come with glass that lets heat escape during the day and traps it in the night, increasing your home’s comfort levels.


4. To Protect your Investments


UV rays that enter your home can cause artwork and drapes to fade. Our windows come with glass that allows more sunlight in your home, while preventing UV rays from ruining your investments.


There is no reason to settle for your old windows. When you work with Tittle Brothers Construction, you can be sure to receive quality windows that will make your home livable. Feel free to get in touch with us through phone or our contact form for all your replacement window needs.