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You’ll want to replace your roof when you see signs that it’s near the end of its service life. By doing so, you can keep your household and investments safe from the elements. Certain avoidable factors, however, can make your new roof just as problematic.

 New Roof Could Fail

Owens Corning® Platinum Preferred roofing contractors from Tittle Brothers Construction discuss four reasons your new roof could still fail.

1. Poor Installation

It’s not enough to choose high-quality roofing because its overall performance will still be reliant on the ones who install it. By hiring professional roofers, you can lessen the risk of a poor installation job. We have the necessary experience and training to ensure a successful and seamless roof installation for long-lasting performance.

2.   Poor Ventilation

Lack of ventilation in your attic can lead to excessive heat and moisture buildup, which can shorten your roof’s life span. That’s why you will want your contractor to ensure that the area has adequate ventilation. When you hire us to install your new roofing, we will see to it that your attic has enough ventilation to keep the temperature there just right. To this end, we offer attic ventilation that will help remove excess heat and moisture in the area, prolonging your roof’s service life.

3.   Not Investing in a Complete Roofing System

Don’t choose a seemingly cheap product as it can limit the available roofing materials your contractor can use for a fully functional roof. Make sure to ask your roofer about the materials they will use for the installation job. A better option is to invest in a complete roofing system such as the ones offered by Owens Corning. Doing so will ensure that your roof is optimized for performance.

4.   Poorly Installed Flashing

Chimney flashings are susceptible to water entry, so it’s important to make sure that they have the necessary protection against inclement weather. As a Platinum Preferred roofer, our roofing systems have components that will keep water from entering your home. For instance, our ice and water barriers will ensure that your chimneys and other vulnerable areas of your roof have adequate protection from water penetration.

At Tittle Brothers Construction, you can have the peace of mind knowing that our roofing installation services will not let you down. We serve Troy, MI, and nearby areas. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a FREE estimate.