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You may encounter many problems in your home. One that you really shouldn’t put off is a leaking roof.

Many homeowners think that a leaky roof is a minor issue that can be repaired easily without looking into its cause and other problems that it may bring. For instance, water may get into the attic down to the foundation, which can lead to costly damage. What’s worse, it may put you and your family at risk of accidents.

To help you avoid these dangers, Tittle Brothers Construction, a licensed Detroit roofing contractor, shares common issues that a leaky roof can pose to your home:

1. Health Trouble: Leaks can cause mold growth, which may spread all throughout your home, including your HVAC system. It may get onto your furniture, carpet, and clothing. Furthermore, mold is harmful to your health. It may cause skin irritation and respiratory problems. You should solve issues on mold growth immediately to avoid putting your family’s health at risk.

2. Accidents: Your guests and members of your family may slip and fall because of puddles of water on the floor caused by a leaking roof. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. You cannot be on guard constantly to mop the floor, so repair a leaking roof as soon as you can to keep everyone safe.

3. Compromised Structure: Leaks can weaken the ceiling and other structural components of your house. Major leaks may lead to damaged frames, rafters, fascia boards, and exterior trim.

4. Fire Hazard: Water may come in contact with your electrical wiring. For your safety, turn off the power source in areas affected by leaks when there is a possibility that it will reach wires in the attic. Ask a professional electrician to inspect the area and have an experienced roofer fix your leaky roof.

Don’t let leaks cause trouble in your home. Let us help you keep your roof in good condition. Our team offers a range of services, including roof inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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