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You probably made a promise to yourself that you’ll eat healthier this year. Now that we’re on the third quarter, how’s it going with your regimen? Perhaps, you just need a little motivation at home.


As your local experts in Detroit roofing, bath, and kitchen remodeling, we aim to help you live a better and healthier lifestyle. Let’s start with where food preparation takes place – your kitchen. Here are some tips on remodeling your kitchen to fit your lifestyle:


1. Make your kitchen less comfortable — Does your current kitchen have big comfy chairs and a television? If yes, then now would be the best time to replace them. The problem with a comfortable kitchen space is you’ll likely spend more time in there without knowing it. The more time you hang out in your kitchen, the greater possibility you’ll snack on something.


2. Design your kitchen for convenience — When we say design your kitchen for convenience, we mean making sure that healthy food preparation becomes easy. Keep your cooking essentials nearby; make sure your sink stays clean at all times. Some homeowners get discouraged at the sight of dirty and clogged drainage, so do yourself a favor by being neat and organized. Additionally, put away all unhealthy snacks — fill your pantry with fruits and vegetables.


3. Paint your kitchen with any color except white — We know that white or cream looks fresh and neat, but it’s been said that white or any bright shade tends to stimulate eating habits. Don’t pick darker shades too, as these will likely slow down eating patterns. Choose something in between – neither too bright nor too dark. Tittle Brothers Construction can help you pick the perfect kitchen color and design. We will work with your preferences in mind yet tweak them a bit to inspire a healthy way of life.


4. Get the right cabinets and countertops — Did you know that a hungry person most likely eats the first thing he or she sees? To encourage healthy eating, what you can do is have an opaque cabinet installed and arrange your food supplies carefully. Place the healthier snacks in front and all the others at the back. Train yourself to get used to eating healthy gradually. You just need to be introduced to healthy eating before you can adapt it to your daily living.


Hopefully, we were able to provide great tips to encourage healthy eating habits. Living well under your roofing in Detroit is always possible. At Tittle Brothers Construction, we can make your experience more enjoyable. As the go-to kitchen remodeling experts in Detroit, we take pride in our quality products and excellent installations. From sink and plumbing, to cabinets, countertops, lighting, flooring, and others – we have it here. We will work with your every step of the way.


Just let us know how we can help. Call us at (877) 228-5658 today and we will be ready to assist you.