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When you choose Pella windows, you’re not just buying beautiful replacement windows, you’re getting the experience and service of your local window replacement professionals committed to your full satisfaction.

Pella Windows

Here’s what you get when you choose Pella for your replacement windows in Birmingham:

  1. Energy Efficiency. Pella offers several levels of energy efficiency. From the general-purpose Advanced Low-E Insulating Glass with Argon2 to the extreme-weather SunDefense™ and NaturalSun™ product lines, you’ll find a window glass that fits your energy-efficiency needs.
  1. Wide Choice of Materials. Other manufacturers will offer wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Pella offers all three, and with a diverse selection of colors to match your existing Birmingham windows color scheme. Wood products are protected by Pella’s EnduraGuard®, which provides advanced protection against the effects of moisture, decay, stains from mold and mildew, and even termite damage. Vinyl frames are reinforced with metal, and the corners are interior welded via Pella’s proprietary SmoothSeam™ process. Fiberglass, being the toughest of the three, can withstand just about anything nature throws at it.
  1. Wider Choice of Design Options. It’s not just the color and finishes. Pella also offers exclusive snap-in options for your shades, blinds and grilles that you can install yourself. Imagine adding a grille to a picture window, or inserting motorized shades without drilling. The hardware — from hinges, to cranks, to locks — are all designed for long term daily use on windows in Birmingham.
  1. Resistance Against Hurricanes. For extremely windy areas, Pella offers HurricaneShield™ impact-resistant windows. They are designed to provide strong protection from flying debris while increasing the safety and security of your home. A strong polymer interlayer is sandwiched between two sheets of glass; it’s so strong that it can withstand the impact equivalent of a 2-by-4 traveling at 50 feet per second.
  1. Sustainability. Pella takes a hands-on approach at being an environmental steward. They observe responsible forest management, recycling at every opportunity, minimizing waste and pollution, reduction of energy consumption, and the use of the latest waste management strategies. All Pella products are designed to use less energy and other resources from manufacturing to home use.

Pella’s windows will light up any home with its expansive selection of features and colors, and Tittle Brothers Construction is proud to be one of their certified contractors. If you would like to know more about Pella’s products, give us a call at (877) 228-5658 or use our contact form.