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Roofs need no introduction, but do you really understand how they work? Apart from shingles, they comprise many other unsung heroes that play vital roles behind the scenes.

Roof Work

To shed light on how everything works, Tittle Brothers Construction talks about the key components of a complete roofing system:

1.Starter Shingles

Starter shingles waterproof the eave and rake edges of your home. Simply installing a course of shingles on the perimeter edge would form a water channel that could wreak havoc with your roof deck. Plus, they have a strong adhesive to keep shingles secure and defect against blow-offs.

2. Ice and Water Barriers

These barriers keep the rain and snowmelt away from your roof’s vulnerable areas, such as valleys and penetrations. Installed in areas where water likes to go, they reduce the odds of having leaks.

3. Underlayment

A water-resistant underlayment serves as a final layer of defense for the underlying decking. They block the moisture that manages to seep into your shingles, keeping your roofing system’s foundation intact.

4. Shingles

Asphalt shingles act as your roof’s first layer of protection against the forces of nature. They stand up to the elements to keep your home dry and comfortable. Furthermore, they contribute to your curb appeal. With the right shape, color, size, you could crown your home with an attractive roof that emulates the beauty of traditional slate or wood.

5. Intake and Exhaust Vents

Every functional and long-lasting roofing system has good ventilation. Intake and exhaust vents ensure your attic climate resembles the outdoor temperature. When it fails to expel moist, indoor air and traps the heat, it could cause the plane of your roof to be warmer than its edges. As a result, ice dams would form and cause a number of hazards.

Moreover, good attic ventilation keeps moisture levels low, discouraging mold growth. An optimal attic climate prevents roof deck condensation and slows down its wear.

6. Hip and Ridge Shingles

These accessories don’t just put a nice finishing touch; they safeguard your vents against the elements. When installed properly, they’d make your roofing system as functional as it is stunning.

As Tittle Brothers Construction, we recommend you Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System®. It consists premium components designed to complement one another and help your roof to perform at its peak. To understand why it’s perfect for your home in Ann Arbor, MI, call us today at (248) 587-7633 for your free, in-home estimate.