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There are instances when a window experiences a problem caused by something that it was supposed to be capable of handling in the first place. If outside factors are not to be blamed, the problem then must have started from the window itself. What could possibly make a window less resistant to external factors?


Poor Choice of Style

Although local regulations require windows to pass certain standards, some types of windows are still less durable than others, making them likelier to succumb to wear and tear sooner. If you live in an area prone to strong winds and storms, having windows featuring larger frames may be a problem for you as they have the tendency to catch more wind and are easier targets for flying debris.


Poor Choice of Materials

There is more to materials than just their appearance and price tag. It may appear practical to go for the cheapest window options around but it is almost always a sure way to waste money because they are likelier to give out easily. There is also the fact that some window materials simply fare better than others under certain circumstances. For example,  metal windows may be great for areas with drier climates, but they won’t do as well in damp and humid areas where they are prone to rust.


Poor Installation

Simply having the right kind of material is not enough to ensure your window’s durability. In some cases, it’s the installation process itself that causes problems for a window, when done poorly. A small mistake in measurement, for instance, can result in problems such as poor ventilation, difficulty in operation, and overall increased wear and tear to the window. This is also the biggest reason why window experts discourage DIY window installations.


Poor Placement

You can have a properly installed window made of great materials, but you also need to have your windows in a proper location to further avoid problems. A casement window opening outward onto a garage or a pathway can get hit by the car or people passing through. Constantly getting hit, even though mildly, will make a window need replacing sooner than expected. Furthermore, a poorly placed windows is hampered from performing its best, prevented from addressing ventilating or insulating needs you might have.


You know the problems, but how should you deal with them? Find out how you can take window problems head-on in the last part of our blog series.