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Common windows are a pain to deal with, but they’re worse if left ignored. It’s easy to think that the best thing to do is “fix” the problem, but how do you go about dealing with common window problems?


Step 1 – Try to avoid them in the first place

It’s true that common window problems are bound to happen anyway, but that doesn’t mean they have to show up that frequently. By keeping your window in good shape through routine maintenance, you can easily prevent situations where something as simple as moisture buildup would lead to something more serious. A few minutes a month spent on cleaning your windows, for instance, can spare you a lot of trouble later on.


Step 2 – Learn to identify the first signs of problems

The best time to deal with a problem is when it’s still easy to control. Find out more about the first signs of common window problems and understand what discolorations, “bubbles in the coating, and other mean. Moving into action at the first sign of a problem will not only make it easier for you to solve but will also be less expensive.


Step 3 – Refrain from DIY

Just like in window installation, attempting a window repair on your own is usually not recommended. Unless you have a lot of experience dealing with window problems, it’s better to leave all the repairs and more-complicated maintenance tasks to someone who has the right tools and skills. Limit your DIY attempts to the smallest fixes (tightening loose screws or painting over chipped paint) and have an expert deal with more extensive repairs like frame adjustments or total window replacements.


Step 4 – Get rid of potential window wreckers

A branch dangling too close to the window, a ladder leaning against the house, knickknacks on the window sill–these are all possible threats to your windows. It’s very important to keep the area around your windows clear to reduce chances of it getting damaged. Windows wonโ€™t last forever but you can make the most out of yours by simply being mindful of a few things.