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In the quest to make the temperature in your home as comfortable as possible year around without breaking your bank, it’s wise to thoroughly review the health and condition of your attic. This space can drive a lot of the heating and cooling issues you may be experiencing in your home.
Below are some of the most significant issues you should look for in your attic.

  • Does your attic have a vapor barrier? This barrier should exist between your home and the insulation..  It helps control damaging moisture, which could reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and may even lead to structural issues
  • Are there air leaks? As with other parts of your home, it is important to inspect the attic for drafts or areas where air escape needs to be controlled.
  • Is there adequate insulation? The attic of a home is a line of defense in keeping the temperature of the home regulated. Therefore, it’s wise to determine if your attic area contains the recommended amount of insulation. Remember, if you have an older home, the amount of insulation recommended for your home may be greater than when it was built.

While you’re exploring the condition of your attic, it is also a great time to review your Canton and Detroit roofing needs. Accessing a space you may not normally spend much time in may allow you the opportunity to determine if there are issues beginning to appear with your Ann Arbor roofing which can be address before they become a significant headache and jeopardize the safety of your home.  Additional helpful, energy saving resources can be found at Energy.gov.