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Some forms of damage, such as a slowly dripping faucet or a squeaky hinge on your door, can be put off till the weekend. Other problems, however, directly affect your living situation, and can lead to bigger, more long-term issues.

Tittle Brothers Construction, one of the leading names for roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, discusses one of the most common roofing problems: roof leaks. Here are some of the things you need to know:


Damaged shingles and improper installations are some of the causes of roof leaks. Other times, it may just be due to it nearing the end of its service life. No matter what the cause was, a leaky roof allows water inside your home that can lead to water damages.

The longer it takes to repair the leak, the more serious the problem becomes. Contact Tittle Brothers Construction for repairs if you notice any damp spots in your ceiling, as this could be a sign of roof leaks.


The initial dangers of a leaky roof include water damage to the items in your attic. For homes with no attics, the damage would spread to the ceiling. The water can also damage the nearby walls. Calling for repairs once these problems are noticed prevents it from turning into long-term issues.

Some long term problems include mold growth from the wet wood. Through time, the wood weakens, affecting the strength of your home’s structure. The mold could spread to other areas of the house, including your furniture. An extensive mold infestation would be costly and difficult to clean up. At the first signs of wet wood on your ceiling, call  Ann Arbor roofing expert Tittle Brothers Construction for the necessary repairs.


To help stop the spread of damage from a leaky roof, move everything that you can out of the way. You can also place tarps or plastic on your roof’s exterior to prevent the water from leaking into your home. These are all temporary solutions, however, and you would still need the help of our professionals to fix the problem permanently .

As a trusted contractor in roofing in Ann Arbor, we can provide you with high-quality roofing services. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for any roof related concerns.