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Tittle Brothers Construction is an authorized dealer of Renewal by Andersen® windows in Detroit. We take pride in our years of experience and extensive training in installing the brand’s windows. In fact, this gave us the opportunity to provide homeowners the answers to some of their questions regarding windows and energy efficiency.

Windows and Energy-Efficiency

Here are a few of their questions and our answers:

What are the problems caused by poorly insulated windows?

Old or poorly insulated windows tend to trap heat in your home, causing discomfort to you and your household. This can then cause you to overwork your HVAC units, which can drive up your energy bills. Furthermore, relying too much on your heating or cooling systems can increase the amount of carbon footprint in your home, endangering your health.

With our Detroit replacement windows, however, you have the assurance of enjoying a cozier home. They feature insulating properties that will lessen the amount of heat that enters and leaves your home. This also assures you of more energy savings, as this will keep you from too much use of your air conditioning.

What are the signs you need to replace your windows?

Windows, like any component of your home, have a finite life span and eventually require a replacement. If you have windows that are over 20 years old, then they are due for replacement. Meanwhile, you should also replace windows that show visible signs of physical deterioration, such as rotting and warping.

Our windows, on the other hand, come with Fibrex® frame composite that has the beauty of wood, along with twice the strength and low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. This means you can expect our window frames to resist fading, rotting, and warping, reducing the need for an early replacement.

What are the components of an energy-efficient window?

An energy-efficient or insulated window feature parts that contribute to its energy-saving properties. For example, our windows come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, featuring warm-edge spacers made of stainless steel that serves as a thermal barrier.

We also make sure to apply insulating foam in between the gaps of your old window frame and new windows to bar the elements out. While a window repair in Detroit, MI, can solve some issues, there are times installing replacement windows is the only option.

Rest assured that Renewal by Andersen windows from Tittle Brothers Construction make for a lasting investment. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a free, in-home estimate.