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If you spend much time talking with a contractor about your roof, you’ll find there is a whole host of terms associated with it. In fact, for something as simple and basic as the structure that covers your home, the language to describe all the various aspects can be rather detailed. However, it can be very beneficial to take some time to learn common terms as it will allow you to engage in a knowledgeable conversation about your roof with maintenance and repair professionals. Of course, there are some terms you’re more likely to hear than others. Therefore, today, I’d like to start off with five terms you’re likely to hear if you have a slopped roof.

  • Deck: This is the surface to which the roofing is applied. It is often plywood or wood boards.
  • Dormer: A raised section projecting out from the slope of the larger roof. It often contains a window.
  • Flashing: A material, often metal, used to prevent water from entering around a roof intersection or structure, such as a chimney.
  • Ridge: The top point where two slopping surfaces intersect.
  • Valley: The lower point in which two slopping surfaces meet and create a “v” shape.

As you complete seasonal inspections of your roof, you may make notes about changes, especially where surfaces meet. With some of the key terms above, you’ll be able to quickly explain to a contractor what you’re seeing in a way he/she will understand. If you’d like to learn more roofing terms, there is a great resource on our website entitled “Roofing Terms You Should Know.” Finally, one of the best and easiest ways to learn roofing terms is to ask your Canton roofing contractor to explain any terms which are not familiar to you.