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If you’ve spent much time on our website, you’ve probably come across the following eye catching statistic on windows and energy efficiency. “The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has conducted studies that show that 30% or more of a home’s energy (heated air in winter, cooled air in summer) is lost through poorly insulated and inefficient doors and windows.” Therefore, with cold weather approaching, if you discover your windows are not suitable to help keep your house warm and comfortable this winter, we’d suggest you answer the following questions as you begin your window replacement planning process.

  • Do you need a replacement window or a new construction window? The answer to this question is essential to assist you in budgeting for your window needs. If you’re able to utilize the existing window frames, you can utilize ‘replacement windows.’ However, if you need a new frame and window, a ‘new construction window,’ which may cost up to 50% more than a ‘replacement window,’ will be needed.
  • How do you want the window to open? Typically, we think of traditional windows which merely lift up. However, there are many options available for how your windows can open. For example, double hung windows allow you to open a window from the top and the bottom while a casement allows you to open a window with a crank. In order to determine what is most beneficial for your home, consider how you use the window and whether you have pets and/or small children.
  • Is the window standard sized or custom? Obviously, if you’re able to purchase a window off the shelf, the replacement process and its costs will be simplified. However, it’s ultimately just helpful to understand the answer to this question upfront as you begin your shopping process.

Finally, remember to consider different manufacturers as doing so may allow you to save some money.  However, ensure to check out the window specifications regardless of what manufacturer you select to ensure they meet your needs.
For more information on this topic consider reviewing this article on windows Detroit. Tittle Brothers is available to answer questions about window replacement and of course, our specialty Detroit roofing.