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An important consideration in preparing your home to “weather” the elements this winter is your gutters. These simple yet vital pieces of material direct water off your Ann Arbor roofing and to the ground away from the foundation of your home. Therefore, it’s important for you to take some time this fall to perform two maintenance tasks on your gutters.
1.)    Clean out any leaves or other debris which may have fallen in them recently as the trees lost their leaves. It’s important to check your gutters every two to three months to ensure they are clear and water is able to flow through them unimpeded. Also, although this may be a dreaded task, there are many tools at your local home improvement store which may make it a little easier. Further, it is also possible to install a gutter guard to prevent debris from getting lodged in the gutter in the first place. We’ve personally had a lot of success with a gutter protection system called LeafRelief®.
2.)    In conjunction with cleaning out your gutters, it is important to spend a few minutes once they’re all clear inspecting them. Look for any areas of wear or defect. Further, keep an eye of your gutters when it rains; you should make note of any areas which overflow or leak.
With some periodic general maintenance, your gutters can serve their necessary protective function for your home. However, should you detect issues with your gutters or associated Birmingham roofing, we can provide advice and service to keep your home functioning at its best.