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If you notice that there’s a significant but unjustifiable increase in your energy consumption and bill, then it’s probably time to check your roof for any damage. Chances are it’s becoming inefficient. It might be deteriorating because of old age, or it has developed a leaking problem. Yes, these problems are manageable, but they need immediate attention and action.

Spotting Minor Problems
Some common issues that require small repairs include loose flashing, unsecured shingles, gaps around roof vents, missing caulking and sealants, loose final edges, downspouts or gutters that have been moved from their original places, and leaking.

But this is where it gets kind of tricky. Finding a roof leak in your Birmingham roofing can be quite difficult because more often than not, the actual leak is not exactly where water stains appear on your ceiling. Water penetrates a certain part, then runs down to another section before it drenches your ceiling. These issues may be easily repaired, but if you don’t address them right away, they can turn into bigger problems. Have your roof checked by local experts if you suspect that your roof isn’t functioning as well as it should.

Finding Leaks
The minute you see water marks on your ceiling and interior walls, damp areas in your attic area, or other indications of water penetration, then it’s time to get serious about finding its source.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Flashings. According to AsktheBuilder.com, 90% of leaks occur at the flashings. A flashing is an intermediary material that connects the roof to its other nonroof parts. So pay attention to your flashings and have them checked by trained eyes.
  • Unusual Fixes. If you happen to love DIY but can’t remember if you have used roof cement in patching up holes or fixing caulking around flashings, this is one good place to start looking for leaks. Perhaps you’ve made sure to cover everything, and it could’ve even looked good at first. But over time, patch-ups are still patch-ups. The hole or whatever you initially mended will eventually come undone.
  • Faulty Installations. Another source of leaks is improper installation by shoddy roofers. Make sure you hire certified contractors like us here at Tittle Brothers Construction. We are a certified GAF Master Elite® roofing company, and we use only quality products and materials. Our professional team is trained to provide solutions to various roof problems.
  • Gravity. ReliableRemodeler.com suggests to look sideways and diagonally to locate the origin of the leakage. According to them, the law of gravity is relevant in spotting a leak. As gravity pulls water down, it travels along your roof’s rafters and joints, all the way along the side of chimneys.

Spot leaks and other minor issues in your roofing in Birmingham and have them fixed by the experts as soon as possible. As a homeowner, you also have a part in keeping your roof in good condition through proper maintenance. Detecting roof damage early will help you save on unexpected home expenses. We can help you do that here at Tittle Brothers Construction. Just give us a call today at (866) 766-3112, and we will be happy to be of service.