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As the New Year approaches, we begin thinking about change and updating.  That’s why last week, we shared a bit about how to prepare for and think through a kitchen remodel. This week, we thought we’d share some thoughts about the next most commonly remodeled room, your bathroom.
Both of these rooms receive heavy usage in our home and have the tendency to look worn and in need of attention. Fortunately, there are often some easy and fairly inexpensive ways to breathe new life into a well-used bathroom.
The first of these is to focus on your fixtures. Often, replacing your faucet, vanity, mirror, and/or toilet provides a noticeable facelift to your bathroom. Of course, price can vary greatly with this step, but with a modest budget, it’s often possible to find nice upgrades.
The next is to change out your hardware and accents. Changing out towel bars, light switches, and even toilet paper holders can make a noticeable difference in often under an hour!
If you have the budget for additional upgrades, replacing floor and/or shower tile is often the next step homeowners add in their re-model. Consider making your bathroom even more comfortable, and perhaps even luxurious, by adding radiant flooring. You’ll love this addition on cold Ann Arbor mornings.
No matter what steps you take with your Ann Arbor remodeling , it’s great to keep in mind that money that you spend in rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom can often increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it.