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Bathrooms are no longer rooms meant for mere personal hygiene. These days, homeowners aspire to have ones that exude a level of comfort and luxury akin to those of five-star hotels. Lighting is one of the most popular ways to achieve this.

Improve Natural Lighting and Privacy

Here’s a look at the different ways you can use replacement windows to boost natural lighting while still maintaining ample privacy.


The installation of blinds is an easy solution that suits homeowners looking to control natural lighting. They are a cost-efficient upgrade and will give your bathroom ample lighting and privacy whenever you so choose.

Glass Interlayers

Window glazing is an effective way of boosting natural lighting while maintaining privacy in the bathroom. One way to achieve this is through glass interlayers. By sandwiching a layer between two sheets of glass, you can achieve different levels of transparency.

Internal Lightwells

Placing an internal lightwell is one of the best home improvement projects for your bathroom. With its large windows and ample covering, you’ll have plenty of lighting and maximum privacy at the same time. You can even use appealing ornamental plants to create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for long, soothing baths.

Internal Courtyard

Internal courtyards are the perfect home improvement venture for bathrooms with plenty of space but lack an external wall to places windows in. Having one lets you indulge yourself as your bathroom becomes a private day spa.

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