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Your roofs go through a tough time during winter. Here, we take a look at some of the issues that could have gotten the best of your roof last season. It only makes sense to have it checked by an expert in Detroit roofing as soon as the skies clear up.
Damaged Shingles
The Michigan winter can be rough. It’s not uncommon to see roofing with lifted, missing, or cracked shingles once the surface is cleared of snow and ice. Damaged shingles expose your home to the elements, so it’s important to take care of them right away.
GAF offers a full line of quality products that can help your roofing recover from winter. Their basic three-tab shingle line suits homeowners who are looking for superior performance, classic appeal, and affordable pricing.
Their Timberline® Lifetime shingles offer a lifelong solution. They’re beautiful, stylish, and durable. What’s more, they come with a lifetime limited warranty. GAF warranties are among the best in the industry. Installing shingles covered by these warranties is one of the greatest long-term investments you can make for your home.
Roof Leaks
Water damage is another big enemy of your roof during winter. The challenging weather can damage your roof’s underlayment, which is specifically designed to protect the entire system from leaks. If this layer fails, melted snow and excessive moisture can find their way to your roof decking and cause structural damage.
If your roofing has been damaged beyond repair by serious leaks this winter, you’re best off installing a superior system like GAF’s Weather Stopper®. It’s a complete roofing system that provides thorough protection against leaks and the elements.
You may also want to talk to a roofer about installing GAF’s exceptional roofing accessories, including leak barriers, roof deck protection, and ridge cap shingles. They’ll give your roof a better fighting chance once winter comes around again.
Tittle Brothers Construction is a Master Elite™ roofing contractor. Our installation methods and procedures meet the high standards set by GAF, the nation’s leading roofing materials manufacturer. This makes us authorized to install their roofing systems and products. We’re also able to back our work with GAF’s stellar warranties.
We can help your roofing in Detroit MI recover from the damage it has incurred during winter. The first step is to schedule a professional inspection by calling us at (877) 228-5658 today. We can also give you a free in-home estimate of our repair, maintenance, and installation services.