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Recently, accuweather.com released a prediction of a rather fair week:

Wet weather will remain in the Detroit area on Tuesday, but the weather will improve for the rest of the week, beginning on Wednesday


Showers and thunderstorms will remain during the day on Tuesday, and a brief shower or two is possible through the evening.


It will become cooler through Tuesday with highs around 75 F. The normal high temperature for this time of year in the city is 81 F. By Wednesday, conditions will greatly improve.


Temperatures will remain in the mid-70s, but partly sunny skies are expected throughout the day. The sunny and cooler temperatures are expected to remain through Friday.


When we have weeks like this one, it’s nice to stay stroll outside. Others would rather avoid the sun and sit comfortably at home. It may be safe to confine yourself in the comforts of your dwelling regardless of the weather condition. But the question is: is your house weather-proof? You may consult with Detroit roofing companies to know how you achieve comfort by investing on home improvement solutions.

Insulated roof panel systems available today have revolutionized the residential and commercial roofing industry. Generally, insulated roof panels are easy-to-fit, low maintenance, and have excellent fire rating. These types of products have a longer life span, require less structural support, and offer exceptional thermal performance, which will save energy for heating, cooling, and even lighting. And this effect translates to reduced utility bills.


Likewise, insulated siding – commercially available as a type of vinyl siding – greatly improves your home’s resistance to heat, also cutting on energy bills. This is because this type of siding, aside from increasing the insulation value of your structure’s wall system, features rigid foam insulation bonded behind the exterior surface of the wall.


 Feel comfy in staying inside your home for any weather condition with proper roofing and siding insulation. Tittle Brothers Construction is one of the most reliable contractors that provide home improvement services including siding and roofing in Detroit. Take advantage of the dry days and consult with us on the best available insulated products that will give you the weather-proof comfort that you deserve.

 (Article Excerpt from Detroit: Thunderstorms to Begin the New Week, AccuWeather.com, Aug. 11, 2014)