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Spring is a great time for sitting on the porch and enjoying the weather. A porch can enhance the curb appeal of your home while providing you with an outdoor living space. However, as part of your home’s exteriors, your porch may not be in its best shape as it may have been exposed to harsh elements last season. To make the most out of your porch this spring, hire professionals who can assist you with porch repairs and restorations.


Experts on Porch Repairs


Tittle Brothers Construction knows the value of having a good-looking porch that meets your needs and complements your exteriors. That’s why we added this as part of our services. We can design and build a durable and beautiful stone or masonry porch that best suits your home.


We know that time and the weather may cause damage like cracks, gaps, and chips. Through our expert repairs and restoration services, we will repair any damage so your porch may be restored to its original condition. We can work with various materials including concrete, brick, wood, block, and stone.


Don’t Forget About the Other Parts of the Exteriors


Aside from the porch, you may also want to consider checking the other parts of your exteriors like the windows. While a well-maintained porch makes you comfortable outdoors, your windows lets you have a relaxing time  indoors.


Don’t take chances with your windows. Ask Tittle Brothers Construction for assistance with window repair in Ann Arbor. Depending on their condition, we may suggest replacement. We can provide you with better windows that can help keep your home sufficiently insulated and energy-efficient.


Whether you’d like to spend more time indoors or outdoors, having a great porch and a set of functional and stylish windows can make a lot of difference. If you need to have your porch or windows in Ann Arbor repaired, feel free to give Tittle Brothers Construction a call today.