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Roofs have different expected life spans. This length is affected by various factors, such as the materials used, the climate in your location, and its level of maintenance. Fortunately, it’s possible to prolong your roof’s service life. Tittle Brothers Construction, one of the leading contractors for roofing in Birmingham, MI, discusses how maintenance and repairs can help you.

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Roof’s Service Life

Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your roof in top shape is possible with proper maintenance. Through regular maintenance, our team of roofers at Tittle Brothers Construction could immediately detect issues that might turn into serious problems. We’ll be sure to provide the necessary solutions. Prevention is always better than cure, and that also applies to your roof.

Immediate Repairs

As it protects your home from the elements, the roof’s exposure to heavy rains, freezing temperatures, and the heat from the sun can damage your roof. At Tittle Brothers Construction, we have a “rapid response” team readily available for repairs in case your roof endures any damage.

Immediately attending to repairs on your roofing in Birmingham prevents the problem from leading to more extensive issues. For instance, a small hole on the roof would cause leaks if you don’t resolve them immediately. This will eventually lead to water damage on other components of your home.

In addition, the right roof repairs done at the right time can help extend your roof’s service life. Call an expert roofer like us for a thorough roof inspection. This will help us to determine what repairs your roof needs to prolong its life span.

Extend your roof’s service life with our Birmingham roofing repair and maintenance services. As a certified Owens Corning® contractor, we provide high-quality and durable materials to ensure superior performance. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 so we can discuss your roofing options.