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Whenever a roof is installed, it’s natural to be curious as to how long it will last. “A long time” is the usual answer but just how long will depend on a variety of factors. Some roofs can last well over a hundred years, while others would require replacement within 20. A number of factors affecting roof integrity actually come from the roof itself, including:


Perhaps one of the biggest factors when it comes to roof integrity is the material a roof is made of. Some materials are simply built to last longer than other, but a longer lifespan doesn’t always mean better integrity since some long-lasting materials are vulnerable to problems that would otherwise be minor issues for shorter-lived options. Take wood shakes, for example. They last longer than asphalt shingles but are more vulnerable to moisture damage. This makes a wood-shake roof more prone to moisture damage during the rainy or cold seasons than one made of asphalt shingles.

Roof Style

Believe it or not, the roof’s overall design can also have an effect on a roof’s integrity. Heavy slate or tile roofs, for instance, are secured by hooks, but the more steeply sloped a roof is, the higher its chances are of tiles or panels falling off. This is why some materials are recommended only for specific roof styles. On the other hand, steep-slope roofs shed water better than low-slope roofs, allowing the former to steer clear of moisture-related damage better than the latter.


Even a high-end roof can’t be expected to last as long as it should if it’s not installed properly. Installing according to manufacturer specifications preserves a roof’s integrity and reduces the risk of structural failure caused by loose nails or hooks or improperly aligned tiles.


Even under the finest weather, a roof will eventually deteriorate over time. It has a definite lifespan. Its weather resistance will gradually decline until it reaches a point where structural integrity is compromised. With roof integrity gone, there’s no going around needing a roof replacement.

In the next part, we’ll be talking about external factors beyond your control that can affect your roof’s integrity. Interested? Read on for more!