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Many factors affecting a roof’s integrity are out of a homeowner’s control. However, there are those you can take full advantage of, allowing you to improve your roof’s chances of fully realizing its service life. These factors include:


Hands down the most important human factor, the level of maintenance you employ can make or break your roof’s integrity. Regularly checking a roof for signs of wear and tear will allow you to spot problems early so they can be solved before they make a bigger mess. All roofs will benefit from routine care. Although some roofs are tagged as “low-maintenance”, this shouldn’t be an excuse to completely neglect them for long periods of time.

Preemptive Care

Where maintenance mostly involves addressing problems with a roof, preemptive care deals with taking the necessary precautions to avoid a problem from occurring in the first place. This may involve installing heating cables to prevent ice dams in winter, for instance, or cleaning out gutters before the rainy season starts. Preparing your roof for the incoming season may require effort, but it’s a surefire way to preserve your roof’s integrity.

Roof Activity

Whether it’s for cleaning the roof surface or installing a new satellite dish, people working on a roof can greatly compromise its integrity. Sloped roofs may be built to last but they are generally not meant to be stepped on so minimizing unnecessary foot traffic will be important.

Maintenance… of Vicinity

Keeping a roof well-maintained is great, but keeping the vicinity in proper order is just as important in protecting a roof’s integrity. The tasks you have to carry out will vary depending on your general environment, but one of the common practices is to get rid of overhanging branches from trees to avoid scratching the roofing material and prevent falling branches from damaging the roof.


Integrity can be affected when a roof is modified, both negatively and positively. In instances like when a sunroof is installed or roof eaves are extended, roof integrity may be affected negatively because the original construction of the roof has been changed. On the other hand, modifying a roof to include structural support, for example, will positively affect integrity as it bolsters the roof’s overall strength and durability. To ensure that any modification you do only improves your roof, make sure you consult with your local roofing contractor before starting a project.