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The roof’s soffit and fascia are probably inconspicuous parts in your Detroit roofing. But the roof certainly won’t function without the presence of these two. Importantly, they have a lot to do with protecting your structure.
Fascia: Finishing Edge
Fascia is the edge that is connected to the ends of your roof’s trusses, rafters, and the area where the gutter links to the roof. Here’s what it does:

  • Acts as a layer between your roof’s edge and the outdoors
  • Protects your roofing structure against water damage during harsh weather conditions
  • Gives your roof a smooth and even look at the edge
  • Shelters the entire roofing structure and interior against weather damage by preventing moisture penetration

Soffit: Something Fixed Underneath
The soffit serves as a “ceiling” for your exteriors. Primarily, it is used as the roof’s overhang. Its other functions include:

  • Adds beauty to the roofing system
  • Acts as a skin that covers the eaves to prevent exposure of rafter beams
  • Protects the rafters against weather elements; exposed rafters triggers mold formation and rotting
  • Helps your structure breath through providing air circulation with its vents

Soffit Material
Aluminum and vinyl soffit materials are easiest to install. They are also the most economical to manufacture. Here are some of their characteristics:
(1) Highly resilient and won’t chip, crack, or rot
(2) Flexible and good for fitting into various spaces
(3) Easy to clean and resistant to dirt
(4) Water-resistant, making it ideal for rainy places
(5) Non-combustible material
(1) East to clean and maintain
(2) Most affordable option
(3) Marginally resilient to cracking and chipping
(3) Does not rot
(4) Water-resistant and highly recommend for rainy areas
(5) Insulates your home well
(6) Available in various grains and textures
(7) Can be customized
Other materials like wood, steel, and fiber cement are also good options. However, wood can be quite expensive and it rots over time. Steel is much durable and has a variety of colors available. Fiber cement, on the other hand, is expensive and less common.
Your soffit and fascia help keep your roofing system intact. So make sure they are in tip-top shape. Call us here at Tittle Brothers Construction for your roofing in Detroit needs. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you.