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After factoring in design and environmental effects, applying a light-colored reflective coating on roofs lets owners maximize energy efficiency, especially in urban settings. This coating decreases solar heat buildup by reflecting rays back into the atmosphere, and this keeps the interior cooler even when under the summer sun.Efficacy of Cool Roofs Varies from City to City ImageThis product is applicable to any kind of building, such as, hospitals, residential structures, offices, and warehouses. According to a study posted on the website of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:

More reflective surfaces, such as cool roofs and pavements, reflect radiation back into the atmosphere and into space and thus help cool the planet in two ways. At the scale of individual cities, they can combat the urban heat island effect, and at a continental scale, they can combat global warming. Of course, in air-conditioned buildings, cool roofs can also help lower energy bills by decreasing the need for air conditioning.

Even though it’s relatively cool in cities like Detroit, the summers can get particularly harsh. Moreover, since large metropolitan areas can get really hot in the spring and summer, investing in a reflective coating can make a world of difference. According to the study, reflective roofing in Detroit would decrease the indoor temperature significantly:

On the local scale, this study validated previous studies finding California and the greater northeast of the U.S. as good candidates for cool roofs. Cities such as Los Angeles, Detroit and New York saw summer temperatures drop by 0.30 to 0.53 degrees Celsius. “Half a degree Celsius makes a big difference in terms of air quality,” Millstein said.

When you decide to make the jump, choose Tittle Brothers Construction as your Detroit roofing company and you will surely get more than you bargained for. Through their partnership with GAF, they can install the Timberline Cool Series shingles, which come with a lifetime limited warranty and the following advantages:

  • Lower household energy cost
  • Lesser maintenance needed
  • Diminish the effect of urban heat islands
  • Counters the consequences of climate change and global warming

(Article Excerpt and Image from Efficacy of Cool Roofs Varies from City to City, lbl.gov)