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The health of your roof is vital; therefore, it is important to perform a self-inspection of your Birmingham roofing several items a year.  From the ground, you’re able to walk around your home and visually spot any water staining on the exterior siding of the home. Further, in the winter months, you can watch and see where ice is collecting near your gutters. It is important to make note of any changes you witness associated with your roof area.
Although it is possible to do some of the roof inspection from the ground, it is best to actually get on the roof and walk around. Your inspection while on the roof itself should include looking for:

  • Shingles that are in poor condition and may be starting to curl or blister
  • Missing flashing around the chimney
  • Shingle material in your gutters
  • Soft spots on any area of your roof

Finally, you can also spot signs of roof deterioration inside your home. However, if you spot these changes, they like suggest your roof needs attention immediately:

  • Water stains on the ceiling and/or walls particularly in the top level of the home
  • Weather or water damage to wood or other material damage in your attic
  • Leaks from the roof or ceiling during snowy or rainy conditions

It is important to take seriously any warning signs your roof is sharing with you no matter how small they seem; ultimately, addressing issues with your Birmingham roofing can save expense and greater headaches in the future.