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Usually, a roof can last up to 20 years or more but it is not always a matter of the kind of roofing materials used, the installation process, or even the weather that determines the lifespan of a roof. Maintenance and good repairs are the real tasks you need to focus on. If these are done properly, then your roof can endure any situation it is put through, but if it is neglected and left to rot, then it will surely deteriorate more quickly.
Here is an example of a neglected roof as shared by clickondetroit.com:

DETROIT One more gust of wind may be all it takes to topple a Detroit house, but one question remains: Who is responsible for the run-down abandoned home that’s putting an entire neighborhood at risk?
People living near the eyesore on Manor Street on Detroit’s west side said pieces of it fall off every day, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing goes.
Part of the roof collapsed Tuesday evening. Now, the house is barely standing.
“The whole house is going to fall, somebody get hurt,” said Vance.

The Detroit government is currently dealing with the high number of abandoned houses in the area. As a homeowner, you wouldn’t want your roof to be an eyesore or worse, a cause for indoor discomfort; you can help the city’s efforts to improve its image along by always making sure that your roofing in Detroit, MI is in pristine condition. We at Tittle Brothers Construction can help you with that.
We use only the highest quality materials from GAF, complete with warranties so you can be assured that your roof will last a really long time. To make the lifespan of your Detroit roofing even longer, call us and we’ll provide you with a complete assessment and give you recommendations on all the things you may not have seen from your own inspections.
(Article Excerpt from Neighbors concerned about run-down abandoned Detroit house on west side, Click on Detroit, June 4, 2014)