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Recently, I shared about adding more insulation to your home to help keep it warm this winter and reduce your home heating costs. Although it is fairly easy to see and understand the benefit you receive from increasing the amount of insulation in your home, especially in key areas. Understanding precisely what to consider when selecting insulation can be a bit trickier.
A key consideration in the selection of insulation for your home is its R-Value. This value tells you the material’s resistance to heat flow, also known as ‘thermal resistance.’ It can be helpful to keep in mind the higher the R-value the more effective the material is in stopping heat flow. The R-value is determined by the material used in the creation of the insulation and its density and thickness. Finally, it is helpful to understand you can increase the R-value of insulation already used in your home by placing another layer of insulation over your existing insulation.
Fortunately for home owners, it is not necessary to determine what R-value is best for your home. A number of tools online, such as the one provided by the Department of Energy, can give homeowners a good R-value that should best meet the insulation needs of their home.
If you’re not necessarily a do-it-yourself homeowner, that’s okay too. Tittle Brothers can assist you with a multitude of home improvement and home care needs including Canton roofing and insulation.  We’ll walk you through the process of getting your home prepared for winter!