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With summer inbound, it’s your chance to get a little work done around your house. This not only ups your home’s curb appeal—sure to be noticed by all those neighbors milling about and enjoying the outdoors—it also lets you enjoy the outdoors because they’re will be less things to worry about. All of these things that you need to do your home’s exterior, we do very well at Tittle Brothers Construction.

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1. The fix and switch: roofing
One of the great things about the summer is the occasional cooling shower. It’s not so great, though, when your Detroit roofing has a leak. Whether it’s a quick fix or a lengthy repair, we’re equipped to handle it and can even make an upgrade recommendation that’s worth your while. We carry GAF roofing products that are guaranteed to not only last long, but also look fantastic. There’s that added bonus of saving you on cooling costs this summer.
2. The paint or switch: siding
One of the things that’s likely getting very noticeable is the deterioration of your paint job over time. While you might be tempted to have a fresh coat of paint, we have a much smarter alternative that costs far less: brand new siding. With a wide range of designs and colors to choose from, it will certainly up the look of your home. What’s more, our siding also offers energy-efficient features that save on energy bills.
3. The clean and clear: gutters
Between the leaves of fall and snow of winter, your gutter might be overdue for a thorough cleaning right about now. As an essential component of your roofing in Detroit, MI, it’s something that you simply can’t pass over. Not only do clogged gutters look bad, they limit what work your gutters can do come the summer showers. The same goes for your downspouts, actually. We recommend an upgrade to a seamless system paired with LeafRelief® protection.
With a GAF Master Elite certification, you can bank on Tittle Brothers Construction to bring you professional work no matter what the job. We’ve served the area for many years and have come to be a name people equate with reliability and quality. We can even start you off with a free estimate if you give us a call today!