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On times when the weather in Canton turns favorable, it might be a good idea to push through with that much-needed roof check. We never know when another storm may strike, so being prepared can help safeguard our families against severe weather and spare our wallets from added expenses.
If you’re up for the task, it pays to know what you’re doing. Repairing or maintaining your Canton roofing can be tricky depending on what needs to be done. Let’s start with fixing something simple like a leaking roof (We hope this one sounds simple to you! J)
Like any roof problem, you have to start with an inspection. These steps will help you find that leak:

  • Look for signs of any leak damage (i.e. water stains, black marks, molds), use a flashlight if necessary.


  • Trace where the water damage is coming from to determine what part of the roof is the source of the leak.

Once you’re done with your initial inspection, carefully hop on the roof and do further checking. A damaged, curled or missing shingles can be the culprit. Fortunately, these are fairly simple to fix yourself. For example, if the shingle is curled-back, reattach it utilizing an asphalt cement. This should prevent water from leaking into the home.
But apparently things aren’t always this simple.
Here’s the rub, if the damaged or the missing shingles cover a wide area of the roof, it may be time to replace your roof entirely. Remember that the roof is a system; if one part cannot support the whole, then that whole thing is likely to fail on you. Whether you have the proper tools or not, when the problem gets that bad, it may be time to contact Canton roofing contractors like Tittle Brothers to help you out.
Calling a contractor will definitely save you the effort, time and money in the long run. The roofing experts at Tittle Brothers Construction are trained to tackle the portions of the roof that incurred extensive damage. On your part, you can proceed fixing what damage the leaking may have caused inside your home.
If you need more information on how to properly repair other roofing issues you may have, you can contact Tittle Brothers Construction at (887) 228-5658 for greater insight and helpful ideas.