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Home insurance varies, as different providers have different terms and conditions stipulated in the policy. There are several factors to consider when filing an insurance claim. You need to check your insurance coverage and claiming procedures, the policy’s inclusions and limitations, and the types of natural disasters covered by the policy. Some insurance companies issue a fixed period to file a claim. To avoid problems, it’s best to do this as early as you can.
Imagine worrying about the storm damages you have to deal with and then being anxious about getting the results of your insurance claims. It can be extra frustrating when your insurance company tries to deny your claim or ask for additional payments before the insurer offers their assistance.
To avoid headaches and reduce the chance of having your claim rejected, we’ve created a list of steps you can follow when filing an insurance claim. These steps can help you start repairs on your Detroit roofing as soon as possible.
Step 1: Assess your property. Record the date of the storm and the signs of damages. Think about taking pictures of all major damages, so you have proof.
Step 2: Review your insurance policy thoroughly and call the claims department of your insurance company to inform them of your situation.
Step 3: Choose a contractor who can do a comprehensive property inspection, including your windows, roofing, siding, and other exterior surfaces.
When hiring contractors, you should choose:

  • An established company with a good reputation in the industry
  • Service providers with insurance, including liability insurance and workers compensation
  • A company with experience in insurance claims
  • A contractor who has passed your background check
  • Professionals who can give at least three local references

Step 4: Schedule an inspection with an insurance adjuster inspection. Your chosen contractors should be present when the adjuster evaluates the damages. They can help make sure the adjuster provides a fair assessment. Some insurance adjusters may deny claims to receive incentives.
Step 5: Your insurance claim is denied? Don’t worry. You can have three insurance adjusters inspect your property to make sure you’re getting the right decision.
Step 6: When your claim has been approved, you will receive two separate payments from your insurer. As the first one is for the cost of materials, remind your contractor to order materials under your name.
Step 7: After the delivery of materials, expect your contractor to start working. If there are changes in the written bid, your contractor must submit them to you for approval. The completed project should pass the city inspection before you settle the final payment.
Protect yourself by hiring dependable contractors who will represent your best interests.
Tittle Brothers Construction is a reliable contractor known for exceptional products and services. We have helped many neighbors renovate and remodel their homes since 2004. We can help you pick up the pieces after a storm. Let’s start repairing your roofing in Detroit MI so your home is protected against the elements. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.