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It’s officially summer season. Well, in reality it seems it always has been in Detroit its escalating temperatures. Notwithstanding this heat, Ann Arbor residents are ready to leave the hustle & bustle of a busy city and enjoy the outdoors. Summer fun-filled activities have already been lined-up and the invitation has been sent to you, here:

When we say “city” we mean Detroit proper, of course, arguably the funkiest, edgiest most stimulating 139 square miles on the planet. You’ll get no argument from us, just a subjective list of the coolest stuff to see and do from now until until Labor Day.
We can’t fail to mention that for maximum Detroit impact we encourage walking and cycling over motoring (note: the accompanying photos were done while wandering on foot in Detroit residential, commercial and industrial locations). Drive a car if you must, but our advice is to park it and hoof it whenever possible: explore, get lost, discover places on your own, get found, have fun, stay safe.

People are expected to flock to festivals, catch performances and revisit their favorite summer destinations. As you bask under the sun by the beach or appreciate the picturesque scenery after a hike, burglars see this as an opportunity to strike.
Before heading out for your getaway, seek the help of a contractor for window repair in Ann Arbor. It is best to have your doors, windows and other possible entrances checked for possible loosened hinges or other damage. In most cases of home invasions, forced entries are involved. However, locking up is never enough. You also have to check if your security locks cannot easily be broken.
For sure-fire security not just this summer, but for the long run, seek professional help from a contractor like Tittle Brothers Construction that can provide you with durable replacement windows in Ann Arbor.
With our design consultation, you may discuss your security concerns to burglar-proof your windows and doors. Also, we assure to keep your home’s beauty while keeping your properties safe from break-ins.
(Article Excerpt from A Summer of Detroit Weekends, Metro Mode Media, July 17, 2014)