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During summer or winter, you surely want your home interiors well insulated, protected from the harsh conditions outside. Unfortunately, you can’t fully depend on your HVAC system to completely carry all the load on keeping your home comfortable. Overworking your HVAC would result in high energy bills or even a broken unit.


How can you protect your comfortable home atmosphere from the harsh conditions outside? Tittle Brothers Construction, the leading provider of quality replacement windows in Birmingham, offers these suggestions:

  • Windows

These big openings are where the warm air inside your home could escape and the cold air could come in. Even if your windows are shut tightly, their tiny cracks and gaps could actually cause uncomfortable drafts inside your home. If you have old windows, to replace these with energy-efficient units immediately. These will surely seal your home from the elements outside.

  • Roofing

If your roof is damaged and leaks are starting to affect your home, look for repair or replacement services to ensure your home’s protection. Keep in mind that your roof is your first line of defense against the weather. Significant damage will lead to problems in your home come winter.

  • Siding

Imagine having a tough shell protecting your home from the freezing cold. The siding is more than just for your home’s aesthetics, as it also provides your home with an extra layer of protection and insulation.

  • Insulation

Warm air, generated by your heater, rises and escapes through the gaps on your roofing. That is if you don’t have insulation. Avoid wasting energy and money on high energy bills by investing in quality insulation.

For Birmingham windows, roofing, siding, and insulation, trust Tittle Brothers Construction. We only offer high-quality products and workmanship. Moreover, we ensure excellent customer service, as we are very much a part of the community.

Know more about our company through this site or by giving us a call. For all your home improvement needs, choose Tittle Brothers Construction!