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Because our roofing is the first line of defense against the unrelenting Michigan weather, we should always keep it in top condition and keep it working to our favor, effectively protecting us against the sun and the rain, and everything in between.

As recognized experts when it comes to roofing in Birmingham, allow us to provide you with some easy steps in maintaining and/or repairing your leaky roof:

  • Regularly do roof inspections from all over your home. Look for damaged, curled, or missing shingles that could cause leaks.


  • Straighten out curled shingles. In colder weather, this might require that you soften the shingle edge with heat, such as an electric hair dryer. Once the shingle is straightened out, reattach the shingles with a generous amount of asphalt roof cement.


  • As for the damaged shingles, you should replace them by lifting the edges and prying out the nails using a crowbar.


  • Immediately replace missing shingles.


  • To be sure, you can run a hose along different sections in your roof and have someone from the inside alert you for leaks.


  • Inspect areas where surfaces connect such as chimneys and vent pipes. Check the caulking and make sure that openings are sealed tight using sealants. You can scrape off damaged or deteriorating caulking using a putty knife then reapply fresh caulking.


  • Check for damaged and/or clogged gutters. The gutter is a vital part of your roofing system and if it’s not working properly, chances are, you’re going to see water damages on your home exteriors. Clean your gutters regularly.

If you see leaks inside your home but you can’t locate the source (which can be a tough task for the uninitiated), you should immediately contact a Birmingham roofing professional roofer like Tittle Brothers. Out team of experts with keen eye for minor damage will help you inspect and recommend repair if necessary. We have been in the business of providing homeowners in the area with top-of-the-line products and services for a decade now to know about everything there is to know about roofs.