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If you’re like most homeowners, you trust your roof to protect your home and its contents, but don’t give it much time and attention. This approach to your home in general and your roof in particular can cause you to be unaware of the small warning signs it may be providing at any time.
Instead of this trusting approach, it is much better to learn about your roof, its current state, and what you need to monitor. It may seem as though winter is the wrong time to begin your monitoring of the roof, but in fact you should get used to monitoring and checking different aspects of your roof with every season. Therefore, don’t put off today going up to your attic and performing an internal visual inspection of the roof area. Depending upon whether or not your attic is finished, you may be able to inspect less of the area. However, you’re largely looking for any water leaks, no matter how minor. During the winter season, it is also helpful to check for drafts and signs more insulation is needed.
An external visual inspection, from the ground, is also needed. It is helpful to have binoculars available so you can scan your roof and look at areas where snow and debris may be collecting. Make note of these areas and watch them as the weather changes throughout the winter. Further, ensure your eaves are doing their job when not frozen. If you note issues with water flow, consider adding a guard in spring.
Taking time to get to know what occurs with your roof during each season will assist you in watching for issues and noting crucial changes. If you do note any areas of concern with your Birmingham roofing, it’s important to contact us before the issue becomes a serious problem impacting the safety and health of your home.