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In recent weeks, we’ve talked about the preparations you should take as fall approaches. One item to tackle after completing your Detroit roofing inspection is a routine chimney inspection.  This chimney inspection may also lead to a cleaning of your chimney as needed.
Although cooler temperatures create in us a desire to curl up by a toasty fire, after neglecting the chimney all summer, it can be hard to know what critters may be living in it or what nests have been built. Depending on the amount of use of the chimney receives and the type of fuel used, this check of the chimney may be a simple review. However, it is time well spent if you do find any items which require remediation. It’s much easier to address minor cracks or deficiencies before they become much larger and may ultimately impact your ability to utilize your fireplace.
It’s important to keep in mind you should complete some minor preparation prior to your chimney inspection. You should avoid having a fire within a day of the inspection. Further, insider your home, it can be helpful to move items, particularly furniture and other large items, from within several feet of your fireplace. Outside your home, you should also move any outside furniture or other items which could be make free access difficult for your chimney inspector.
If you want to learn more about Detroit roofing and chimney maintenance, there are many great resources available online.  Consider reviewing information from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Finally, remember, we’re here to help you address your chimney repair needs and questions.